LEILANI Shawl in Golden Olive


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Strolling through a park of lush greeneries and colourful blooms, every turn you take. That calls for only one thing. Springtime is back. Just who will ever not fall in love with such grandeur canvas and truly a mesmerizing view to witness. Inspired by the beautiful gardens from every corner of the earth we present to you Leilani. Simply means, heavenly flowers as they deserve to be called. Designed with Poppy and Morning Glory flowers, printed on the softest chiffon voile material. Leilani is created to all shawl and square scarf lovers as we spoil you with 6 irresistible colours to choose from.

LEILANI Shawl in Golden Olive -The sweet golden theme that pairs orange and yellow tones. Reminds us of the spring and autumn in betweens. Great to style for a bright sunny day out.

Material : Textured Premium Chiffon Voile.

Width : 70 cm est.
Length : 180 cm est.

Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Wash separately.