MAHARDDHIKA in Kuning Sarindi


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If there’s one thing of this country that will always remain beautifully unique, it would without a doubt be the people. We are indeed different in beliefs, cultures, traditions and language even. Yet magically can remain united still in perfect harmony. We call it the Malaysian Magic, and hence what this collection depicts. Inspirations of the everyday things and people alongside a deep appreciation of art that comes with it.

The paints of classical batik and songket nuances highlight the rich Malay culture which also reflects a sense of artistry and diligence graciously inculcated within the art itself. The sense of unity is continuously celebrated with the Tionghoa flowers greatly honoured amongst the Chinese culture. An emblem to sovereignty and peace. Perfected with the delicate Malai flowers to show respect that also ties all the races together. Lift the spirit and love for Malaysia printed on the soft Japanese cotton voile in 10 classic Malaysian colours.

Material : Japanese Silk Cotton Voile.

Width : 115 cm est.
Length : 115 cm est.

Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Wash separately.